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A lot of planning and work – and there’s still a long way to go yet – but MenZed Mag is now here to take humanity into a new dimension of Zed-ness. And what does that mean, exactly? Well, even we’re not sure how far or fast this baby can travel, but we have a fusion generator of energy and passion, so we’re about to find out.

So what can you expect?

MenZed is about men’s stuff mainly; stuff men do and enjoy, and an exploration of lifestyles that men lead. But the label we call gender is a fuzzy one. It doesn’t play by any hard and fast rules. It only exists in any kind of supposedly pure form in each person’s own head. So we’ll generally write about men getting up to stuff and enjoying life, but we will cater for readers of any gender, age, nationality, persuasion, colour of the month, week or year. Zed is not fussy and will love you all equally.

We’re MenZed, because we’re based in New Zealand and kiwis often call their country NZ (pronounced in British/NZ English as “en-zed”). Our target audience is men. MenZed Mag has a ring to it. There’s not really much more to it. Simple as that.

Welcome. Make yourself at home.

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